IF quenching and tempering line

Intermediate frequency quenching & tempering line

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IF Tempering line technical parameter: Unit TZX500 mm Φ40-Φ114 m/min 1.5-2.5 MPa 0.5-08 t/h 150 KW 1270 KW 30 KW 1000 KW 120+120 mm 950 mm 32700*3400*1800 High-intensity bed design, the 32-meter transmission mechanism has high precision and high stability
Relevant introduction

Production line description:

TZX series intermediate frequency quenching and tempering production line is a high performance product which is developed according to market demand. It can complete various sucker rod, tubing and steel rod heat treatment processing. It adopts the high strength bed design and have a variety of configuration and can be chosen by the customer. The fully automatic feeding device realizes the unmanned operation of the whole production line, which greatly reduces the labor cost.

IF tempering line technical parameter:

Name Unit TZX300 TZX500
Workpiece diameter mm Φ22-Φ38 Φ40-Φ114
Workpiece moving speed m/min 1.5-2.5 1.5-2.5
Air supply pressure MPa 0.5-08 0.5-08
Cooling water flow t/h 100 150
Total power KW 675 1270
Motor power KW 15 30
Intermediate frequency (IF) power KW 500 1000
Ultrasonic frequency power KW 80+80 120+120
Center height mm 950 950
Overall dimension mm 32700*3400*1800 32700*3400*1800

IF tempering line performance characteristics:

1. High-intensity bed design, the 32-meter transmission mechanism have high precision and high stability.

2. The system uses fully enclosed gas control structure, good action control performance and high gas control accuracy.

3. Import frequency conversion, whole feeding multistage the infinite variable speed, high efficiency and energy saving.

4. IF Induction heating systems are completed independent, high reliability and strong anti-overload.

5. Because of the application of IGBT super audio frequency power intervention, so that we can ensure our product have consistency quality.

6. PLC fully automatic control is more intelligent and more accurate.

7. The application of imported photoelectric induction switch is accurate and reliable.

8. The original online hot straightening technology makes the line requirement guaranteed.

9. The production line is strong and the parameter adjustment is intelligent and convenient.

IF tempering line details of the figure:

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